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Scientific name of Species

limneausThe scientific name of each species (animal or plant) is unique and quite complex as it is in Latin, and consists of two parts. The first part indicates the name of the genus and its first letter is always written in capitals, while the second part indicates the species and is written without capitals. Both are always written in italics. This binomial nomenclature system of the species was set up by Carolus Linnaeus at the beginning of 18th century and is still used. The scientific name is followed by the name of the “godfather”, i.e. the name of the person that recorded it for the first time, by giving the specific name, and then the date of its first description is added. If the name of the species has subsequently been changed, then the name of the first recorder and the date are written in parentheses. For example, the scientific name of the moray is:

Muraena    helena        Linnaeus,                        1758
↳Genus      ↳Species       ↳Name of the recorder        ↳Year of first description


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