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Fish Record Log

Here you will find the Bio-Watch Fish Record Log in which you can submit to us the results of your explorative journeys in the different coastal areas of the Mediterranean that you visit. You can download the log here. In each page of the logbook fill in the details of each dive, with its date and time, the position and the name of each coastal location. You can also describe the biotopes (habitats) you have encountered. Then fill in the special columns with the code number of the species (1-40) which you have seen and identified by using the Bio-Watch ID fishcard.

Keeping such a logbook will help you to estimate the diversity of the fish in the place where you have spent your vacation. Later on, after you return home, you can submit your own data to the BIO-WATCH database by just pressing the submit button below or by e-mailing your logs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Download log here).

Create also your own file and produce maps showing the distribution of the fish species which you recorded during your marine explorations. Share the results of your explorations with your friends or family. Co-operate with them and cover as many parts of the Mediterranean coasts as possible. You can also buy simple waterproof cameras in order to include in your personal BIO-WATCH file underwater photos (or video clips) of the biotopes of the fish recorded while snorkelling or diving.

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