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The “do’s” and “don’t’s” of snorkelling


  • Before snorkelling, make sure that you are familiar with your new equipment.
  • Do not swim alone or at least make sure that someone you know is aware of where you are going to snorkel and when you intend to come back.
  • Relax and try not to surpass your limits.
  • Try to avoid your body or fins touching any living organisms (animals or plants). In case you accidentally overturn a stone or a small rock, put them back again in their original position.
  • Do not collect live shells, crabs or other organisms.
  • Do not disturb the organisms you come across, especially if you do not know if they are harmful or not.
  • The less you move, the more organisms you’ll see. Our intrusive presence in the water makes them go into hiding or stay completely motionless, trying to remain invisible. Fish are particularly good at detecting our presence from far away and usually when they do so they leave the area.
  • Do not throw away rubbish in the sea or on the beach.

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